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Why More Financial Institutions, Medical Facilities and Businesses of All Sizes Choose Lincoln Archives

Highest Security

Our on-site shredding process is the most secure available. We never touch your documents. They go from your boxes to our containers and then everything is shredded on site while you watch.

Saves Money

Our prices are very competitive and all of our quotes are guaranteed in writing. Plus, we never slam you with hidden fees like some other shredding companies.

Top-Rated Customer Service

Our customer satisfaction rating of 93% is one of the highest in the industry. But don't take our word for it. Check out our customer testimonials below.

Awarded The Highest Security Rating

Lincoln Archives has been awarded the Highest Security Rating "AAA Certified" for Document and Data Destruction by the National Association for Information Destruction.

We recycle 100% of your shredded materials.

Our Shredding Services

Recurring Shredding Service

A locked security console or tote is ideal for any business that needs to protect confidential information. From small financial offices to a large medical facility and everything in between, Lincoln Archives professional uniformed staff will deliver and routinely empty your shred bins at your office, saving you time, money, and concern of keeping your information protected. The options for on-site shredding or off-site are still available for recurring services and a certificate of destruction is issued with both services.

One-Time Shredding Service

Through on-site shredding services and off-site shredding services, Lincoln Archives provides you with the confidence your documents will be securely destroyed. Wither it's an annual purge or just a one-time large clean-out, we'll securely shred your information.

Choose A Local Company Like Lincoln Archives

Lincoln Archives is the only family owned and operated all-inclusive Data Protection company in WNY. Lincoln Archives is also proud to be a part of the Lincoln Family companies that has been serving the Buffalo, Rochester and Tampa markets for over 100 years!

Here's What Lincoln Archives' Clients Are Saying:

Lincoln Archives is a Full-Service Data Protection Company

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